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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Movies en France

Clearly the key to seeing movies in France is seeing them "version originale," as in watching them in English--because trust me, there is nothing worse than hearing "Je m'appelle Bond, James Bond." I love France and all, but a part of me died that day, so I'm anxious to get home and watch something horrifically American like Alien vs Predator or something along those lines. Anyway, while I did see Spiderman 3 (or "speedermahn twahh" as I now think of it) and various other movies, my husband and I have been keeping a non-movies related blog about our half-year here in France if anyone is interested:

I just watched Zodiac yesterday (in English so I could actually follow the story), so I'm thinking of posting a review--but honestly, only the non-crappy American movies make it out here, so I have a feeling that the review won't be quite so interesting to read (blah blah blah it's really great). I should really think about changing Hoosier Review to be "I watch crappy movies so you don't have to," even if it means watching "Little Man" and "In the Mix." Isn't it awesome that I don't even know what the crappy movies being released in the US right now are?